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Otto von chesterfield-My story


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Hey guys!I've often wondered where Otto von chesterfield come from. So I have got a story about him thought. So here's the story! (I'm sorry if this story includes elements from other storys, because i never read other storys about Otto.)Once upon a time there was a mighty wizard. He has a great magical staff, a bone with a eye and a pet. The name of the magical pet was otto von chesterfield. The wizard went one day with his pet out of his house to take a walk. So the two went out, but after a few minutes saw the wizard something scary and disturbing. A mix of a tumor, a fungus and a octopus! (If you don't know what kind of monster is it:http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?7606-%28Ideas-please-read%29Summary-of-my-ideas Scroll down and search under bosses: ,,The corruptor''),,What is this thing?'', wondered the wizard. But as the two came closer, a giant tentacle came from the ground! And the wizard saw how the ground unhealthy-purple dyed. ,,RUN!'' ,shouted the wizard. But a tentacle pierced the body of the poor wizard! The wizard gasped. ,,You can get me, but you can't get my only friend!'' , cried the wizard. He said a spell and Otto disappeared. ,,The staff is the....ugh..key, I hope anyone find him and cares about otto....Hargh!'' And with this words the wizard fell dead on the ground, with his last thoughts of his best friend, otto von chesterfield.I hope you like the story (and hopefully it was not too sad) ,and sorry for the bad english, i'm from germany.

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