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Reilu Meininki [FI/EU] invite-only

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SeventhRat    7

I've run a public dedicated DST server for almost a year now. I used to play myself, but then I got tired of cleaning up after players and returning after just a few days of absence to find my camp ruined.

Now only members of the Steam group Reilu Meininki can play. If you'd like to join, post your Steam ID here or in this thread (non-members should be able to post).

- Default settings (world regrowth is currently set to fast)
- Some new mods
- All custom anti-grief measures will be removed, but the mod Enforce Good Behavior will stay
- Players will still get basic starting items if it's winter, spring or summer
- Teamspeak at

As for my playstyle, I've usually played as Willow, but I think I'll go with Wickerbottom this time. I prefer to use traps and kite enemies, and survive on meatballs made of eggs and spider meat in the winter.

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