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[Migrated from Steam forum because trolls] Bugged ceiling grab/wall climb in room in The Inner Keep (Windows 10, WASD and mouse input)

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The following description refers to the scene in the attached screenshot.
My character is at the bottom of the wall section circled in RED, holding S (down). 
The input tip on the right says SPACE to grab the ceiling section circled in BLUE. 
In this situation, if I follow the tip and press SPACE, I instead drop straight down, directly into view of the patrolling guard. 
If I hold A (left) and S (down), then hit SPACE, the same thing happens. If I do not hold S (down), and instead only hold A (left), my character climbs back up the RED wall as if I had pressed W (up). This means I cannot access the BLUE ceiling section from above, and therefore cannot execute a stealth entrance from the top left vent.
Jumping up from below to grab the BLUE ceiling works normally, as does mounting the RED wall from that ceiling. 


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