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post-8470-13764591202321_thumb.jpgConception ‘Thirst’ It is working as Meat Effigy: causes health penalty 100% health–80% health: +1 thirst/2sec. -1 sanity/10 sec.79% health–60% health: +1 thirst/4sec. -1 sanity/8 sec.59% health–40% health: +1 thirst/6sec. -1 sanity/6 sec.39% health–20% health: +1 thirst/8sec. -1 sanity/4 sec.19% health–0% health: +1 thirst/10sec. -1 sanity/2 sec. At the beginning of the game it could be lakes with frogs and fish (dirty water: -10 thirst=+10 health -5 sanity), small puddles – drink once (dirty water: -5 thirst=+5 health, -10 sanity), berries from bushes (eat once -5 thirst=+5 health). The hero also can drink rain water (drink once -10 thirst=+10 health) from burdock leaves, cactuses in deserts (drink once -20 thirst=+20 health). The hero can make pots for water from pumpkins, burdock leaves and rope, horns of beefalo, pig skin. Later the hero can create a special machine for clearing dirty water (coal filter – of small, medium or large size) using for example coal, Koalefant Trunk, ropes. Very clear water from the machine gives bonuses: the hero runs faster, fights better, picks resources faster, needs less time for rest. Coal filter gets older and worse after some time. In severe winter the hero has to pick a lot of snow with shovel into pot, put it on fire to get a little Edited by FominArtem
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