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Console Easy Mode?

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_benJman    0


I'm new to the game, and I think I've been doing pretty well for a 2 houe newbie(I've survived 14 days, birchtree killed me cuz it went mad i stole its birchnuts,) but what settings would you use to make the game easy? (I cant get more then default for good stuff like grass, berry bush, all that.)


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cmitc1    6

There is no easy mode, but I will give you some tips to help make your game go better!



first, do not settle fast, you should spend a good 3-5 days just for exploring, and gathering resources. Make sure you find those robot things, you will need gears for a ice box. (I suggest taking down a horse, since they are much easier to do)


second, find a place near beefalo, and a spider den. the spider den can be put off till later, since you can kill a tier three one to move it....anyway, use the resources you gathered to get your science machine up, and your  alchemy thing up (kinda form a circle with everything place in the future, this will save you pain later). doing this will open your crafting up soo much..... you use the beefalo for there poop (its a great fuel), there hair (shave them at night!), and there meat. You use the spiders for there meat mainly. if you make a crock pot (with your machines!) you will be given the ability to cook meals, and 1 monster meat + 3 berries = a good meal. you may being thinking, how will I kill them? you simply bait them out of the webed area when they spawn from you stepping on it, and kite them to death. (doing this actually stops meaner yellow spiders from spawning). during the winter, you can use 3 ice and 1 monster meat for fine meals, and when hounds attack, you run around the beefalo until they attack them.


third, now that you have a nice base going, its time to start storing some food, and getting ready for the cold..... If you havnt already, get an ice box, you will use those gears I mentioned in step one. it simply makes your food last much longer, next, you will want meat racks. Meat racks dry your meat, making them last much longer on there own, and when in a fridge, they can last an entire season and a half (i think). you can kill beefalo to get meat for them, or even better, you can find a elephant you need to find to make a vest! you find the elephant by uncovering piles of dirt, and following his trail. once you find him, you either need to push him into a wall so you can agro him, then kite him to death, or use a ranged weapon, and then kite him to death. he will drop 8 meat (dry em!) and  1 trunk. it takes 1 trunk, and 8 silk I believe for the vest. you should also make a nice hat, a simple one takes beefalo hair, and webs. last, but not least, you want to get a thermal stone, you can heat this up by your fire, and it will hold that heat while you walk around, it takes a pickax, some stone, and some flint (also, I forgot to mention, consider moving some berry bushes closer when your making your meat racks, you do this by using a shovel, and putting poop on it after you plant it, dont forget to kinda make it in a circle)


forth, now, its winter now!!! you should try to kill a walrus for his tusk (you can making a walking cane, which will make you much faster) you can kind them on the map by looking for those little ice houses (ugg, I forgot the name). Also, there is a boss coming closer to the end of winter (this may only the reign of giants). so look that up on google to make sure if its coming and what not.


anyway, this is kinda how I start up with a normal character, I hope it helps you.

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