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Hey Klei-Team,

great work porting the game to mobile OSes. 

  • Android Device: Oneplus Two
  • Model Number: ONE A2001
  • Android OS Version Number: 5.1.1
  • Device Manufacturer: Oneplus

Im a seasoned Player of DST but I have following Issues, while playing the game:

  • "Grabbing Items" is being deactivated while walking - it does make the controls feel too sluggish.
  • The character interrupts his action when the user tries to zoom in/out.
  • This is a critical one: When trying to build something by pressing the respective build button, the character walks off to the underlying Object, not building anyhting.
  • First game i spawned, a tallbird was nearby killing me instantly (I normally wouldnt have any troubles with a tallbird, but i couldnt figure out the controls fast enough so I pressed rapidly somewhere on the screen as I am used with the desktop version) So maybe the procedual map generator should spawn threats not so near to the users spawning point?
  • First time I started the game, my device told me, the app is frozen - an instant later it worked, tho.

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InsOp    1
  • It is difficult to drag'n'drop food into the two lower slots of the crockpot because it often opens the inventory.
  • After i harvested a plant i cannot immediatly plant a seed - i have to be out of range of the farm and be in range again, so that the contextmenu refreshes.
  • A similar problem occurs when i first open the fridge, then the crockpot. I cannot store items through the contextmenu into the fridge, but only cook them. It would be nice to still have both options, regardless which container i opened first.
  • If I kill something which drops loot and immediatly want to collect it, but something else is in collectable range, too - the character struggles to decide for either of them.

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Yay, I noticed that context menu show us only 3 options. And the menu gui is too big and waste a lot of space for another option on 5.5+ inch device. 

"Grabbing" action deactivated probably not a bug. When I play with virtual joystick, the action can't be made if I'm walking. 

Struggling to pick up loot is the most annoying bug. The developers should make "pick up" action can select loot randomly. 

Just all. Wish Klei can fix those ASAP. 

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