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PS3 Gamesharing.

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I really enjoy Don't Starve. I really do. I have PS3 and I would love to buy it on my console and play it but I just can't. No credit card or nothing. I'm looking forward to gameshare. Those who own a PS3 probably know what gamesharing is so if anyone would be greatful enough and would share their Don't Satrve: Giants Edition with me would be awesome. I have some games in exchange too. I have Battlefield 3, Battlefield Bad Company 2, NBA JAM On fire Edition and so on. If you're not a scammer and looking forward in helping a fellow out leave me a PM.

Another question: Is it possible to link somehow my pc copy of the game to console? If I own it on PC maybe it's possible to get a copy of the console version? I have it on steam. I know that formats are different bla bla bla but it's dumb to buy the same game for everything I have. They should put codes for every platform when you buy it. Maybe sounds dumb but it would be awesome. Thanks in advance if you explain this to me.

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