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Color Blind mode bad

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nennafir    0


I posted this in January in the suggestion forum, but as that forum no longer seems to exist I can only find a google cache of my post.

I ran into this issue in both the PC version (which I bought a while ago) and the PS4 version (which I just bought yesterday.)

Your color blind mode for deuteranopia (most common version of colorblindness--approx. 8% males) is not very good.  It does not sufficiently distinguish between spaces that are noticed/watched/safe.  In the PC version, the tritanopia settings seem to provide the best result for me--keep in mind, I do not have tritanopia.  They are pretty good.  For the PS4, I seem to be having the best of luck with the protanopia setting, but it is not really ideal.

I realize maybe it is too late for invisible inc if you have stopped development on it, but my advice in general (FOR THIS GAME AND ANY FUTURE GAMES YOU DEVELOP) would be any of the following:

(1) Just let people choose their own colors.  Bam!  Problem solved.

(2) Get someone who actually has deuteranopia to look at your game.  Since this is relatively common, it should be fairly easy to just pull some friend in who has it for a minute or two and ask them if things are good.

(3) Don't use two different colors on the red-yellow-green part of the spectrum to distinguish things.  This will only frustrate your viewers with deuteranopia because all of these can look similar.  Instead, choose one of red/yellow/green and then choose blue for the other thing.  So for example, color dangerous spaces red and safe spaces blue.  If you do this, people with either deuteranopia or protanopia will be able to differentiate things.  The only people who might have trouble are those with tritanopia, but such people are super-rare, much more rare than the previous two.

(4) Try to use shapes or something else so that there is some other way to differentiate things.


PS:  If you don't believe me, do as a non-colorblind person did in the previous (now deleted) thread and get a filter which simulates colorblindness and then view the game in deuteranopia mode.  See, it is really tricky telling them apart, isn't it?

PPS: Great game!  I am definitely supporting you as I bought the base game + expansion on steam for PC and also the game for PS4.  So I love the game!!!!!!  I just wish it were easier to distinguish things.

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Greig91    4

I have really mild red/green colour blindness (red is generally okay, it's orange, yellow and some greens that tend to mix for me) so I'm okay with the default setting in this game, but I just looked at the deuteranopia setting and LOL. I literally cannot tell the difference between watched and safe zones at all, it's just a big mass of orange. I guess they changed the usual red for watched zones to orange but left the safe zones yellow, which seems like it should be universally worse than default right? Whether you're red/green colour blind or not.

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