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Wandering The Wasteland: Muscle the Smallbird

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Wandering the Wasteland: Muscle the Smallbird
A fictional Don't Starve Together story inspired by jeneah's "Wandering the Wastleland: A tale of two sisters". 
The following is a logbook taken by an independent scientist named Wilson. 

Day 7: We packed up and left the field that was formerly filled with skeletons. The mysterious blue egg seemed like it only came closer to hatching when near heat. I wondered what a tallbird's first stage of life is as we continued onward. We eventually found a swamp, and we quickly learned that horrors awaited in the ground below. Webber was struck twice by a tentacle, and he nearly died. If he didn't have his helmet he likely would be missing his head right now. I had the strongman watch the spider boy as I picked as many reeds as I could from the swamps. I made sure to avoid the purple demons, and cursed under by breath that I would make sure they went extinct one day.

 There were strange houses I found in the marshland. They looked like the pig houses I had read about in the adventurers diaries, but they also seemed ruined. I took a closer look only to see a strange walking fish-like creature. I recognized they as merms, and figured they must occupy the ruined houses. Spider dens plagued the areas near the merms, and both species were locked in a constant battle against the tentacles. Greed overcame me and I swooped in like a vulture to grab any of the spoils from their battle. I fled as the merms started to pursue me, my pockets stuffed with as much loot as I could carry. I met up with Wolfgang and the spider boy, who looked quite sickly, and we made a little campfire outside of the swamp. 
Day 8: In the morning I cooked some of the monster meat and stored it for later. We had a meal of fish and frog legs. The food probably helped Webber, but he was still badly wounded and could hardly walk. We continued anyway, and I hoped we could find more settlements with some medical supplies. As we walked, I looked through my pockets and noted what I had grabbed from the swamp. I had a clump of reeds, which I figured we could turn into paper with a science machine. There was some spider glands, which smelled like antiseptic and were sort of slimy. Then I had some smooth silk, not enough for clothing, but perhaps I could fashion a fishing rod from it. We soon arrived in a dry savannah, and we found life.
 There were huge beefalo herds, and a lot of manure. We stayed away from the beefalo initially and scouted the area. The savannah contained no spiders, which was very strange. The most recent reports of the adventurers indicated the beefalo had fought many battles against spider-kind. We  made a campfire and I unfortunately had to fuel it with the beefalo droppings. As we sat beside our smelly fire, I noticed the egg was moving. It rocked back and forth, then a crack emerged, then another, and soon the egg had broken to reveal a tiny bird. I excitedly woke the strongman, who was half-asleep beside the fire. The smallbird, which I had now documented, followed me around as I paced around the campfire. I went to sleep knowing I had made an excellent discovery. 
Day 9: I made another interesting discovery in the morning. Smallbirds dislike spiders. When Webber got close to the smallbird in an attempt to feed it some seeds he had found, it pecked him on the finger. It was more shocking than painful, but the spider child's feelings were obviously hurt. I apologized to Webber, which seemed to make him feel a bit better, and we decided to leave the savannah. Wolfgang had decided to name the smallbird Muscle, telling me "Bird will be mighty like me one day!". The name stuck, and now we had a new companion named Muscle the smallbird. We left the savannah, in search of food. We wandered until we found a small settlement inside a nearby forest. 
It has no food, but unlike some of the other settlements it had a science machine. I used it carefully at first, only knowing how it worked because of my intensive studies, but soon it became second nature. I had crafted a fishing rod and made all of us strange suits of log armour. The log armour seemed useless and bulky, but wearing it revealed the science machine was somehow able to created a tough  and light suit of wood. We stored the log suits in our backpacks, then I had myself a spear in the event someone lost their weapon. In our haste, we had rushed over to the science machine without checking the rest of the settlement. I opened the chest near the science machine and discovered a note on some papyrus. The note said something about sending help to the pig village to protect it from the spiders. The papyrus was stained with ash and ripped in some places, but one thing was clear. 
The handwriting undoubtedly belonged to one of the missing Wickerbottom twins. 
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