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Ruins World Gen Modding

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I'm kind of new to modding in DST, although I have experience in Java; I want to create a fairly sizeable mod, but I've broken it down into parts so it's easier to take on.

I've read tetrified's guide on Worldgen, in addition to reading the World Generation page on the DS wiki and looking through the Ruins task script.  However, I still don't really quite understand how the concept of Locks and Keys works to always generate the world in certain ways (i.e. attach the Sacred Biome to the end of the Labyrinth Biome)

What I want to do is have the world guarantee the generation of an additional Biome (let's call it Temple for ease of explanation) that is accessed from the Labyrinth, similar to the Sacred Biome.  However, I want the Temple Biome to be accessible only by Telepoofing across the Abyss (i.e. no land bridge).  How would I configure the locks/keys and world gen so that this can happen?

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