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HELP fixed

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Help fixed, 

my character is not against the rain , umbrella does not work




local function dorainsparks(inst, dt)

    local mitigates_rain = false
    for k,v in pairs (inst.components.inventory.equipslots) do
        if v.components.dapperness then
            if v.components.dapperness.mitigates_rain then
                mitigates_rain = true
    if GetSeasonManager() and GetSeasonManager():IsRaining() and not mitigates_rain then
        inst.spark_time = inst.spark_time - dt

        if inst.spark_time <= 0 then
            inst.spark_time = 3+math.random()*2
            inst.components.health:DoDelta(-.5, false, "rain")
            local pos = Vector3(inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition())
            pos.y = pos.y + 1 + math.random()*1.5
            local spark = SpawnPrefab("sparks")


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