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Hello, it gives me great pleasure to write to you, I was yours you say that the game is very nice it is beautiful, I would like to offer you some fakes as I hope they will please you:

1 - An island for the regeneration of stone (volcano - earthquake) as he finds his stones with a cycle (eg every 30 days of play)

2 - A horse like a horse that is fast and vulnerable or the slow but strong Buffalo

3 - The character can raise rabbits, birds, Buffalo ....

4 - The possibility of building a small house, or an aunt to sheltered.

5 - A harpoon Gold also a metal armor stronger

6 - Wolves are very ferocious ferocity down a bit, or the player is a small wolf-dog and has the ability to raise one or two for protection or custody.

7 - The ability to built a carriage Print mounted by a Buffalo or a boat.

8 - The seasons (winter, spring ......)

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