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No Idea for a title!

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LongStory to tell-

An year ago a friend introduced me to the game and ofcourse I loved everything about it and wanted to try it.But of course if I would want to play the game i have to buy it.My parents didn't let me use their credit card of course(they think someone will scam em even tho I told em that steam is a huge company,I'm 15 btw).But the miracle came and one friend who has a huge steam collection told me that you can buy games will something called cash terminal(not sure if its the same in english).So I first bought the original game and played it but after a week I realised that after you survive the first summer you are left with only base building.So I had to choose from 1 of the two Dlc's and I tho that the rog will add almost nothing so I went for shipwrecked because it looked really cool.Boy i was so wrong.Later on I realised by watching clips and reading the forums that rog adds alot to the base game and it has alot of late game(ruins).Well I had no problem with that because I have shipwrecked and I could still buy rog.After 4 months of playing shipwrecked and after doing everything I could do I wanted more challenge.Because shipwrecked has no late game and the bosses were way too easy.So while waiting for the next SW update(If there will be one ofcourse)I decided to buy Rog and finally have something to do late game.Well I was wrong again because of "technical problems" you can't purchase games from steam with cash terminal till they fix the problem.It's been quite awhile since the it will be fixed soon(I don't see it getting fixed soon).So right now i'm writting this to find someone who is kind enough to gift rog to a stranger or to tell me another way to buy it myself.

I've tried alot of ways but the only 2 working were the credit card/cash terminal.(I live in the Balkans btw).

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