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I have a few ideas for blueprints that could turn them into actually interesting items, rather than the slightly disappointing chest loot that they have been ever since they were added. Unless it was for a shovel and you haven't found gold yet, of course.


1) So now that we have the brain of thought, it seems only logical that we should be able to craft a blueprint too for the obsidian items. Maybe it could cost...

2x (total ingredients required to make the item) +2x papyrus + brainy matter

to craft an item specific blueprint.

Obviously, this is very expensive. But in my eyes, you can never pay too much for convenience!


2) Why don't we have blueprints drop from treasure chests that let us learn the recipe for items that can't be otherwise crafted. You would also only be able to craft the item once, and would need another blueprint to unlock the recipe again.

We could have 'legendary' items maybe, like a cutlass supreme-est (gold coated cutlass supreme with a purple gem in the handle) or a furret. Which is a turret, like the houndius shootius, that can move in an area equivalent to an ice fling-o-matic's range but has a shorter projectile range than the HS. 

It would also look like a cute ferret if you didn't guess, and would swell up with red eyes when it charges a shot.

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