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25th Story Special

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I put together a story collection in celebration of posting my 25th story. But first, some history behind the following stories. 

"Order" and "Empire" were originally written in anticipation for The King to win the who-to-side-with contest. I was wrong, one of the reasons "Chaos" had a bit of a late sequel.



A fictional Don't Starve Together story.
If Webber chose to join The King.  
I had to chose to join The King. He had the superior numbers and organization. I didn't want to die and lose all my stuff by join Wes and fighting a pointless battle. I ran from my spider nest over to The King's army. Wes cursed in chat, but that wasn't going to stop me. The King welcomed me, while Wickerbottom and Wes escaped. The King told us to let the go, and that we could chase them down later. We started traveling back to The King's base. WX-78 congratulated me on making the right choice as we get closer to the base. I shrugged it off, since this was the same person who I would have considered my nemesis not too long ago. 
We arrived at The King's base. The base was pretty large, it had lots of crock pots, drying racks and a couple flingomatics. We spent the night beside a fire pit and discussed our plans. The King introduced me to everyone and I thanked him for letting me join his group. Then we got down to business. WX-78 said tomorrow we should attempt to hunt down Wes, and that we can prepare in the morning. I didn't have any problems with that plan, although I did wonder what Wes thought since I had turned on him. I felt a little guilty backstabbing my former friend like that, but survival is survival. In the morning everyone gather their belongings and we left to pursue Wes. I made sure to grab a dark sword and suit of nightmare armour before we left though. I told everyone the best way to find Wes quickly was to split into groups of two and one group of three. The King approved, and I set out to the east joined by the Wolfgang who accompanied WX-78. 
We wandered for a day, then we found a mopey ghost who was floating around. The ghost was a Wilson, who said he died to the darkness. He asked us to revive him, but we couldn't risk reviving a stranger, and we declined. We continued east, being followed by Wilson the ghost, who decided we were his best chance of getting revived. I told him to go to the portal, but he kept following us. We set up camp for the night. I wonder why the ghost kept following us. Then I realized he might be a spy for Wes. I told Wolfgang, and she said we needed to lose him. I revived him with one of our hearts, then told him to go away. He refused. I didn't really know what to do. If I killed him, he would keep following us, but I wasn't sure how to make him go away. We tried outrunning him, but he was quite persistent.
Wolfgang and I realized he would eventually starve to death, and then we could lose him. Our journey continued east until we encountered a piggyback clad Willow. We tried talking so her, but she was too busy trying to get us to trade her some gold. We tried to tell her we weren't interested, but she wouldn't listen. She really wanted to trade with us, and we gave up reasoning and gave her a piece of gold. Willow gave us a piece of jerky, which was nice, but I was still gawking at how she didn't even seem to notice what we had to say. 
Eventually, we finished patrolling the east and regrouped with The King. It was almost winter now, but we had plenty of equipment. I had a feeling picked the right side. We had the numbers and the leadership advantage. The King definitely knew what he was doing, and if things went wrong there was always WX-78 willing to take over. 
Chapter II
After we regrouped we proceeded to check the one direction we hadn't explored yet. We had to journey north, and hopefully we would find Wes there. We made a quick stop at the base to grab some winter gear, then set off again. We split into two smaller groups to make the hunt faster. We searched the forest and didn't find Wes, but we did find a tiny, inconspicuous base. We were certain it belonged to him. My group of three, which consisted of The King's two Wolfgang's, inspected the surroundings. Then a Wickerbottom walked into the screen. She wasn't in the base, but she was close to it, which gave me a feeling she was Wes' teammate. The Wolfgang's caught on and charged the librarian, which was a big mistake. She read "sleepytime stories" which knocked all three of us out. 
Then she proceeded to use a tactic I had never seen before. She penned in the sleeping Wolfgang's with hay walls, each in their own separate little pen. then attacked them. The space was too enclosed to get out of melee range, and they died without a fight. After she killed one, she would immediately grab the telltale heart and close in the pen so the ghost couldn't escape. I realized what she was doing. If they were penned in, they couldn't escape to the portal. They would have to wait for somebody to free them from their grassy prison. I finally woke up and started running, since I knew if I stayed I would meet a similar fate. I had to alert The King, but I would have to escape this murderous librarian first. If I stopped to type a message, I would be put to sleep and then be killed. But as I was running, I had a moment of genius. 
I equipped my boomerang and stopped to type a message. It was a shameful display of rushed typing, but it served it's purpose. Now The King knew I was in trouble, but there were still a couple problems. Even if he did know I was in trouble, he didn't know where I was, or who was chasing me. The last thing I wanted was for The King to rush in and meet the same fate as the Wolfgang's. As Wickerbottom stopped and began to read "sleepytime stories", I tossed my boomerang at Wickerbottom. It hit her, but she had already read the book, and I was already falling to sleep. Now the genius of my boomerang tactic was shown. The boomerang came back and hit me, instantly waking me up. I began running once again, this time Wickerbottom pursued with less enthusiasm. Eventually, I managed to lose Wickerbottom. I typed in chat and told The King where I was located. The King and his party of five came and I explained what happened.
WX-78 said we should go free the Wolfgang's, but I kept warning him it was too dangerous. The King decided we couldn't let the Wolfgang's rot in a grassy prison, and we set up a campfire and prepared to attack the base in the morning. As morning came, the six of us marched to Wes' base, preparing for a fight. Winter came in the morning, and we equipped our hats and continued on. We arrived at the base, which had been mostly hammered down. The only structures left were the pens the Wolfgang's were trapped in. We quickly ran over to the ghastly strongmen, but they were warning us this was a trap and that we needed to watch our backs. Then I heard clanking. I was sure it was the Deerclops, but it was potentially much scarier. Wes led an army of clockwork monsters, four rooks, four bishops and two knights. 
Wickerbottom appeared behind us. She was wearing a spiderhat accompanied by a small squad of ten spiders. We were trapped from both sides, and we stood our ground. Wes called me a traitor, and Wickerbottom seemed happy to finally be getting her revenge on WX-78. Then Wes fired a blow dart at The King and the fighting began. The rooks charged, hitting multiple people. I charged Wickerbottom's spider squad, only to have three spider warriors hit me with their jump attack simultaneously. The King and WX-78 were trying to fight the bishops and Wes at the same time, while Woodie and Wigfrid fought the rooks.  WX-78's Wolfgang partner rushed over and helped me battle the spiders. I killed two of the spider warriors, but the mob of seven regular spiders caught up to me and I got stun-locked. Wolfgang killed the arachnid he was fighting and rushed over to help me.
Wickerbottom knew things were slipping our of her control, so she read "on tentacles" which spawned tentacles all over the place. By now two of the rooks had been slain, and a third was locked in combat with a tentacle. This came at a grave cost, as Woodie had been killed in the process. The King was engaging Wes in melee combat, but Wes was kiting defensively around a tentacle, so The King couldn't get too close. WX-78 had killed two of the bishops, and was fighting the third one. The fourth bishop was in an intense battle with a tentacle. Wigfrid was now battling the two knights alone. Wolfgang and I had finished off the spider horde, leaving us to battle Wickerbottom. Wickerbottom was good at kiting, but not good enough to fight both of us at once. As soon as she realized she was losing she read a "sleepytime stories" and put Wolfgang and I to sleep. 
We had kited her too far away from the main fight to make her books affective, so she ran back to the fight as we were asleep. Wickerbottom rejoined the fight, only to find herself being chased down by Wigfrid. WX-78 and The King were both fighting Wes. Wolfgang and I soon woke up and ran back into the melee. Wigfrid was slain by Wickerbottom, who used her "sleepytime stories". But now I knew that her book only had one use left. I chased Wickerbottom, but when she tried to put me to sleep, I used my boomerang trick again. Now she had no more stunning weaponry. She fled, and I chased her. The librarian ran into a collection of tier three spider nests, and when spiders came out of the nest in defence, she re-equipped her spiderhat. She tossed a boomerang at me, causing all the spiders to charge at me. I threw my own boomerang at a nearby tier three nest, causing even more spiders to join the chase.
When the spiders that I had aggro'ed stopped chasing me, I rushed to them and fed them some of the meat I was carrying. Then I had the spiders loyal to me attack the spiders who had aggro'ed on me because of Wickerbottom's spider hat. A massive spider civil war ensued, and I rushed over to Wickerbottom. We engaged in a duel, with no more outside interferences. She was good at kiting, but not good enough. I returned any damage I took twofold. Soon, with no more options, she tried to flee. But so was prepared, and I used some sleep darts I had been saving for an occasion like this. She quickly fell asleep, and I collected some spiders to aid me in finishing her off. As I approached the downed Wickerbottom, I considered using the penning tactic against her, but decided against it. Wolfgang, who had been unable to follow us into the spider maze, rushed over to me. 
We finished off Wickerbottom and rushed back to where WX-78 and The King were fighting Wes. We saw a ghostly WX-78 who had been penned in and we asked him where The King was. As we freed WX-78 he said Wes and The King continued their battle up north. We headed north, and night was come closer. We arrived to see The King fighting against Wes in a kiting battle. I guess Wes had the upper hand, but Wolfgang and I had arrived to even the odds. The three of us battled Wes. Wes was excellent at kiting, but even he could only do so much. As it seemed he would finally face defeat, The King took a moment to enjoy his victory. "I win again Wes, maybe you should stop picking fights you can't win" he boasted. Wes stood silently, prepared for his eminent defeat. As The King hit Wes with the final blow, I wondered if things may have ended differently if I had sided with Wes... 
Next is a bonus story that I wrote after reading through some of the archived parts of the tales of life and death section. 
I plan to make a couple sequels to it. 
Wandering the Wasteland: A trio of adventurers 
A fictional Don't Starve Together story inspired by jeneah's "Wandering the Wastleland: A tale of two sisters" which you can read here.
The following is a logbook taken by an independent scientist named Wilson. 
Day 0: I finally have gained access to the portal. The authorities wouldn't let me in for a long time, but some money in the right places sure does help. I have brought alone a mysterious spider/boy creature and a cowardly strongman to ensure I do not meet the same fate as the many who have gone before me. It has been years since the infamous Wickerbottom twins left for the wastes, they never returned, but I won't make the same mistakes they did. 
Day 1: Perhaps I didn't prepare for this. When we arrived through the portal I had brought along no equipment, and neither had the strongman. The spider child carried a spider nests and a few slices of sickly looking meat. The strange meat was obviously inedible. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted by many towering spider nests. They were very aggressive, and we ran through the webbing to escape. We saw giant walking spider nests, which I realized were actually queen spiders. 
Once we had escaped to safety, I realized the spider boy hadn't been chased like the rest of us. He seemed to be immune to the aggression of the spiders. I noted this and we began foraging for any plants. The strongman was afraid of the spiders, just as expected. At least I don't have to fear him abandoning our cause. We found some grass and twigs, then we spent the night huddled together as I held our only torch, hoping it would last. Before I entered the portal, the guards had told me that something lurked in the darkness of this land, and for once I believed them. 
Day 2: As day came, we began searching for more plants. Presumably human skeletons were implanted all over the area in strange positions, especially near the spider nests. We needed some minerals to start creating survival tools, and I presumed we may find them if we went father away from the spiders. We found a handful of berries and some seeds, then we continued onward, away from the arachnids. The spider boy's purple meat was beginning to rot, and I half hoped it would spoil so I would have to look at it. As we traveled, we found pine cones and noticed beefalo had wander far out of their natural habitat. I theorized the spider overpopulation had forced the beefalo to leave their homes. Night soon fell, and we crafted another torch to fend off the night. 
Day 3: We finally found something! It was a small encampment, consisting of a crock pot, ice box, fire pit, and a few chests. Most importantly, it had a tent! I looked forward to a comfortable sleep tonight. We found much needed flint and plants in the chests. The ice box was filled with rot, and the crock pot was bare. The base had no science machine though, which according to my studies was used by this society to craft survival equipment. I gave the strongman a crude axe I have made told him to go chop some nearby trees. The spider boy lit a fire in their fire pit using some of the rot, then he cooked his purple meat. I was so hungry the purple steaks looked somewhat appetizing. I grabbed some of the rot from the ice box to use as fuel. The strongman returned with a dozen logs and plenty of pine cones. I let the spider boy sleep in the tent, while Wolfgang and I stood around the rot fuelled fire. 
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