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Murlock, the tidewater

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So hey there!

I am new to the forums, but anyways wanted to ask you guys. I tried to make my own character, Murlock, with extended sample character, but always got bugs and I am actually not very good coder. I wanted to ask you guys to make a template for character in DST. OR. If you are interested in character murlock, then you could make it by yourself, I can tell you what I see in him and maybe we could cooperate.

I seriously wanted to see him in game, but is looks like people don't play WOW, or/and like it enough to make mod for this game. Did you see how many character for LOL is in DST? Would be awesome if you could make one mod about WOW and especially about Murlock. You would make my day and I wouldn't be greedy and can you buy some ~20eur game if you will make my little dream like this happen.

I dont force anyone, but if you would like to make/help me with it, you would make me happy.

Best regards,

P.S. Sorry for mistakes. english is my 3rd language.

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