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Losing control over my character / keyboard


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Hi, dunno if its allowed to ask things like this here, but --

Single mode worked fine until I first time played with my friend in survival mode(via the Internet).

I just bought Shank 2 via Steam. It seems to have some odd problems though. I like playing shank 2 with a friend, but I always losing the control over my character(after random time)... the character keeps running and striking around like a retarded cat on cocaine and I can't steer it anyway. in character menu theres no problem, I can choose my character and I've got the full control over the game, but when it starts it gets weird. In other games on steam everything is OK.

Hope you can help me in any way

Thanks in advance

I try:

# I installed the game on another system(win xp and 7.

# I reinstalled the game.

# I turned off the steam cloud sync.

# I installed the game on another partition.

# Removed the C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common

# Uninstal game using steam and control panel.

and not work

PS. I playing on keyboard

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