Giveaway: Don't Starve and more!


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Hey everyone!

This saturday (12 Jan) at 9:00PM (CEST +1) i will be hosting a giveaway my stream!

We will be giving away betakeys for Firefall,Path of Exile & Don't Starve. I got a loads DotA 2 keys for those who want us to give them away.

We got:

Firefall - 7 keys

Path of Exile - 7 keys (Provided by GrindingGearGames)

Don't Starve - 2 keys (1 Steam, 1 Chrome)


A viewer can only win 1 betakey for each game.

The winner NEEDS to be following the channel

The winner NEEDS to be active/say somthing in the chat to comfirm you're not afk


do NOT PM me about you want a key of these games.

all keys will be given out during the giveaway!

Any questions you have about me or the giveaway feel free to ask!


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