Suggestion: Dropping a grave upon perma-death

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My friend and I spoke about this idea in Skype while playing Don't Starve, and I thought it was a great little idea.

Basically, every time you die for the last time on a particular character, a grave appears at the location of the death. It outlines the name of the character, how many days he/she lasted, and any other little stats. It will be visible there for all future playthroughs on that world, but you can dig it up if it's in the way or you just feel like looting the corpse. Of course, digging up the grave will summon the ghost of that character (maybe Wendy's sister will come help too if it's her grave)!

I figured this would be a simple little way for your characters to leave their legacy on the world, encourage players to beat high scores, and be a reference for statistics (as well as a "Stats" option in the pause/main menu, which I'm sure will be implemented at one point).

Thanks for reading, and keep up the awesome work.

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