[Bug Report] Smallbirds Walking through Stone Walls.


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tldr: Smallbirds can escape 2 wall thick 3 level high enclosures (Which is HARD to get them into)



Ok, so me and my girlfriend play DST and in 1 of our worlds I decided to try my hand at raising a tallbird.

I will have you know that I've looked for a few days about Tallbird raising info.

Most of it is very old and only covers hatching the egg.

My girlfriend says she found someone who says smallbirds can jump walls.

I haven't found this and when observed they have never jumped over a wall, despite their wishes to do so.

I've seen them glitch through a corner wall section that was destroyed by hounds, but after taking several precautions, building a wall that was at least 2 walls thick and 3 levels high (Stone Walls) if I run away from my smallbirds when they  are surrounded by stone walls (and the are following/imprinted onto me)  They stay in their wall cage, UNTIL my girlfriend also leaves the area and they are no longer in viewing distance of either of us.

The same does not apply to chester (haven't tested it on glommer).  Basically if they are trying to follow me, they will some how escape a wall (unbroken, 2 layers thick (plus a maze which I build around it) and 3 levels high, to join me.  This happened once to get them killed by hounds and a second time when I was hunting a Koalafant and than my girlfriend left the base to do other things and all of a sudden they appeared (they didn't die)

Also there is the previously mentioned bug of the smallish tallbirds breaking once I died , follwoing me temporarily after I was revived, attacking me and then sliding around until they died.

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