[Hardmod] Agent Locke

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I know HumanKirby told me to do this a few days back but I did not have enough time to sit and use my computer. Sorry 


Hey guys remember that certain mod I showed the modinit.lua and strings.lua files? Well It is finally done, but unfortunately it is a hard mod, I will try to port it into a soft mod as soon as possible. 

This mod introduces agent Locke which is based on the early access' courier, the one that was held hostage in the INSOMNIAC mission (oh such good old days, I miss that mission type) it come with an On-file version which is rescuable in detention centers and an Archive version

I will put in here the features of the on-file and archive versions, but you may not want to spoil the surprise.




load out - Crude D.A.R.T. gun uses charges has 1/2 charges (he does not keep it loaded you will soon realize he is very clumsy) reloads +1 charge every mission, 3 turn CD between shots (or it would be a straight upgrade to a normal neural phaser) 2 KO damage

Vault drill - (it currently serves just as a proof of concept that it should technically be possible to create a lock decoder for vault doors, but it currently does not unlock them although it does apply to the vault door) exclusive to Locke only he can operate it, 7 turn CD

augment Neural Virtual Machine - This agent can kill daemons on melee range (similar to decker's daemon scan) but is ko'd on the process for 2 turns


load out - Mod Chip - 4 turn cooldown (it is a mixture of an accelerator chip and a buster chip) breaks 2 firewalls or adds +2 PWR on terminal hack

Permacloak - 4 PWR on use, 3 PWR on every consecutive turn it stays in use (it is like prism's holomesh, but instead of disguising you it turns you invisible) you are not vulnerable to drone scans while invisible,   exclusive to Locke only he can use it, you can be right in front of a guard and it won't "drop disguise" since you are invisible (try doing that, it is supper fun seeing a guard investigating you and never finding anything) try stacking augments that trigger on invisibility!

no augment.

Both agents have only 1 augment slot available initially, but they can acquire the normal 4 slots by augment machines, Both agents have a movement points penalty of -1mp (so Locke is like a Dr. Xu with 7 mp instead of 8 mp each turn) you can upgrade this by buying speed skills. Both agents have an inventory penalty of -1 item slots (so Locke starts with only 2 item slots, so you used to think upgrading strength was pointless? think again!)

The idea behind this agent mod is to have great rewards in exchange for great risks, even greater risks than with normal agents (note for example that none of Locke's variants has a neural disrupter and his only real attack weapon is rather unreliable) but please let me know if you think he requires a buff or a nerf, also if you think you can complete the code for the vault drill please tell me, you can find the files to do that on units/vault_crack.lua, and unitdefs/itemdefs.lua.

Oh he does have an animated portrait, but he does not have custom art he uses Xu's archive art for some screens.

Have fun and please post your opinions bellow


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