Looking for an artist to help make character art.


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I have spent the past few days working on a new character mod. This is my first time making a mod but i think big, so i'm going to make a really cool character with abilities and such. Oh, and i DO have some coding background so don't worry. The only thing that i can't code is art. Which brings me to the point of this post. I need someone to make me some art. I will also be giving you credit in the description of the mod. I am going to port the character over to Don't Starve Together if possible. MSG me if you are interested and i will talk about the details.

Art includes the following-

* Big Portrait

* Full Character skin with tail and wings

* map icon

* saveslot

* map image

* select-screen also with silhouette version

I will be making fully custom lines, starting items, stats, dps range, hunger drain, abilities, walk speed, custom way of how to unlock him, and maybe sound(right now i'm using Maxwell). The Character is an old shadow being with a lot of knowledge about things. if you look below then you will see what i had in mind of how he looked. i just grabbed an image off of the internet and did some tweaking in an image editor. OK, fine.... i tweaked a lot.569d85001d4fe_Characteridea.png.0a98bd6f


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