some problems in my DST server

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hi guys, i am chinese, sorry for my poor english

there'are some problem i don't know how to slove it.

1. the order when i want to shutdown the server. overworld or cave first ?

2. whatever i shutdown which server first, one of them would show me an error, as this picture

i use the command "c_shutdown()" to shutdown it. usually, the second server window will throw this exception in shuting down.


3. lags or maybe called delay

i use the cmd to  start servers

start /HIGH "Don't Starve Together Overworld" dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe -console -conf_dir DoNotStarveTogether
start /HIGH "Don't Starve Together Caves" dontstarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer.exe -console -conf_dir DoNotStarveTogetherCave

ping is very low, between 30ms to 50ms, and 0% packet loss. i use cmd to ping the server is low ping too. but everyone in the server feeling lags, press WASD to move, the character will do the action after pressing 5sec or  more

my server is IBM 3250 M5(2008R2, E3-1220 V3, 8G, upload = download = 100Mbit)

I am willing to help resolve problems

thanks for reply


ps. there're my settings.ini



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