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local start_inv = { "hat_straw" } Issue

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Hello! I am creating my first mod and I have an issue with the Start Inventory item. I want the starting item to be a Straw Hat. When ever I pick my mod, create the world and pick MY CHARACTER (simon) The game shows me this error: (screen shot below)... 

From what I know, the game doesn't recognize the { "hat_straw" }. I tried it with straw_hat, hat, straw and none of them worked. Also I tried it with other hats and different combinations with the hat_ ... 

I tried to do it with different items like "meat" , "hammer"  and it worked. The character started with meat, hammer...

I am not sure but I think that the problem is with the hat_straw name. It seems like it doesn't exist although I found the name in the anim folder (screen shot below)...

Does any one know what the real name is??? I cant find it any where, even in the hats.lua it says "straw" (as the name of the hat and

local fname = "hat_"..name              (the name is straw) 

I will really appreciate if someone helped I am on this issue for 2 h now and I cant find a solution.


straw_hat thing.jpg

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OK, I got it... Sorry for posting this (as I just got it) But it may help in the future. (as I don't know how to delete it, it will stay here)


The answer to this is: "strawhat"

For any other hats should be similar: "flowerhat" ect...


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