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[Character Mod] William Carter, the paradox

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William Carter during his old times as a stage perfomer was taken to the future by Maxwell to create a paradox but the plan went wrong. Now both are trapped in the seemingly endless prison.

Meant as a nerfed Version of Maxwell without valuable starting items but more health in order to fit better into Don't Starve Together. However the DST version is still work in progress. You can try him on DS and DS RoG right here.


Health: 120

Hunger: 150

Sanity: 200 -regenerates 10 per minute (Maxwell gets 20 per minute)

Stats are subject to change and open for suggestions within reason.



Custom Lines

DST Version


All art assets/artworks were taken from the game itself and edited by me. The Bigportrait of William Carter was taken from the first puzzle of the "William Carter Puzzles" which also belongs to the games creators.

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