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A question about backing up worlds

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Hello all,

Just a quick question about the topic above. I play don't starve on a MacBook, and enjoy popping in from time to time on my vanilla don't starve world. Over the last few months I have built up a very nice base, and would like to back it up to a usb just in case the worst were to happen and it was corrupted, or in case I get a new computer, which I am looking at as well. 

I have located the save files located in          Library/applicationsupport/steam/user data/150082849, and then located the file within this which is 219740, which contains my save worlds. 

My question is, what is the next step when copying to a usb? Do I just move the whole 219740 folder over, or the individual save world? And then what is the process when putting it back? Does it matter if the steam cloud is off or on for a Mac when I do this?

many thanks for anyone with information on the matter.

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Hello Elijax, in a similar process today to resetting my saves and cloud to fresh new start, I have tested that to be working

  1. Turn Steam cloud OFF
  2. Put your backup in userdata\...\219740
  3. Start the game once with cloud off and make sure ingame that your backup has been restored and looks good
  4. Close the game
  5. Turn Steam cloud ON
  6. Start the game
  7. When Steam asks what copy to keep, your "Local" (more recent) or "Remote" (older), you answer Local and Steam will overwrite the file on clouds by the backup.

That method is suitable for both resetting to a fresh start or restoring a backup

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Yeah backup the entire folder  userdata\<userid>\219740\ so that when you restore, you rename the folder 219740 in place by 219740_old and place yours instead as 219740, so if anything went wrong you still have the last save in _old

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