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DS Save files

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Before you tell me to go to google or that my save files are located in folder "x", I have already scoured google and I already know where my save files are. I wanted to know if it's possible to, for essentially purely aesthetic reasons, change my slot 3 save to my slot 1 save? The old Dont Starve Save Editor tool that used to exist doesn't anymore. I also tried just changing the name of the file from 'shipwrecked_3' to 'shipwrecked_1' but it didn't accomplish anything. I imagine I needed to edit my saveindex file as well but have no way of doing so.

I even tried making a new save in the slot 1 position, saving, closing the game, deleting the shipwrecked_1 save file, and renaming my 'shipwrecked_3' to 'shipwrecked_1' but that didn't quite work as expected...it took my world from the shipwrecked_3 file and put it in the first save slot position, but it was the character I made the temporary slot with...totally strange.

Does anyone know how to do this? Is it even possible? It feels like it should be very simple, but I get the feeling it's not possible so long as Klei doesn't want people messing around with game files.

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