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First, I'm sorry for my poor english.

I write my suggests schematically in order to make that comprehensible.

- 2 slots to save 2 different worlds

- Option to restart o remake one world without preserve any science point.

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Okay, so your two suggestions are two allow for two saved game worlds and an option to reset the Research Points for either one (world/save).

Well this is in line with past suggestions, so you'll be happy to know there are others who agree with you. I should also mention that Research Points will eventually be eliminated sometime in late January. The Devs are planning to revamp the research system to one that doesn't use arbitrary "points" to unlock inventions.

Of course unlocked inventions will remain unlocked, so that is something you may still want to consider "resetting", as an option. I for one would support it as currently the only way to do this is by deleting your locally saved games.

As for two saved games/worlds, that's fine too. At least it sounds fine to me. :)

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