[Gameplay] - Invisible When Chopping Trees


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Invisible When Chopping Trees

Issue Description: On PC via Steam

Whenever (any) character tries to chop a tree (birch or pine), they turn invisible - thus preventing them from chopping the tree.

They disappear when they are about to perform the chopping action. Pressing A (for controller) or spacebar (for keyboard) does nothing, even though the option displays on the screen.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Log in Steam

2. Launch DST

3. Host a game

4. Load an existing world or create a new world

5. Select any character

6. Game Starts: start collecting basic components

7. Make/Equip axe

8. Attempt to chop down a tree

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  • Developer

We aren't aware of a general issue with this animation. It could be an issue with your local game files - have you tried verifying your game cache? (Right click on the game in your steam library, go to "properties", go to "local files", click on "verify integrity of game cache...")

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