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Cocktails mod needs help

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Hello, everyone!

I will skip the part where I am saying that I am fairly new to coding and drawing, and get straight to the point.

I have looked through a lot of tutorials here and started making my own cocktail set. The mod is just a real draft and very poor, and all I need is a little push to the right direction. Now the mod does not work. I am attaching its zip version here:


Anyone who has time and desire to add some 'logs' to my enthusiastic fire please help me.

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-- added <forumthread = ""> to modinfo, if it's missing it crashes the mod on load

-- cookpot prefabpostinits removed, the game now handles that and calls <inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_cooked", product, product)> when needed

-- removed useless info from the durian cocktail recipe; health, hunger and sanity are in your prefab

-- cleaned the recipe test function: using four "names" means using four different ingredients, so the other checks aren't needed at all

-- cleaned the prefab files, commented ANIMs out because these didn't come in the anim folder


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