[Balance] - Chest and head armor no longer stack in DST


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Bug Submission:

Category: Balance

Issue Title: Chest and head armor no longer stack in DST

Issue Description: It used to be the case that they stacked. Say an enemy does 10 damage. If the primary armor nullifies 80% damage, then you'd take 2 damage. The secondary armor would then take effect on the remaining damage; say if it nullifies 50% damage, the damage you'd previously end up with is 1, but now it ignores the secondary armor and just goes with 2.

The way it is now, there's actually reason not to wear chest and head gear simultaneously, because you'll just waste durability without having any effect.

Steps to Reproduce: Wear armor and take damage.

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Well, this was changed intentionally - see http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/45477-hotfix-119587-12052014.

IIRC, now it takes better absorption rate to calculate how much damage the player takes and the rest is split between two armors.

In your example of 10 damage, you'll take 100%-80%=20% - 2 damage, the armor with 80% takes 5 durability and armor with 50% takes 3 durability.

So both your armors will last longer.

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