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"Don't Starve" is a casual survival game, which is on par with "Plants vs. Zombies". I realize that the two have fundamental differences, but they also share several similarities, some of which I would like to point out.

First of all, coming from me, the comparison is the highest order of complement. PvZ is one of my favorite casual games (second only to Peggle). In my opinion, the art style and atmosphere of that game is its strongest suit. The gameplay is simple, flawless, and gets gently, yet progressively more challenging. It also has a quirky, adorable sense of humor, which never seems forced or corny. Most importantly, it has immense replayability, which is a virtual Unicorn among the more common, "once-you've-played-through-it-once-it-goes-on-your-shelf-forever-collecting-dust" species, which litter the gaming landscape. (Don't get me wrong, I love squirrels, but I see enough of them every day not to make a big deal about it, when I do).

"Don't Starve" has all of these wonderful features in common with "Plants vs. Zombies". Its Tim-Burton-esque animation sets the mood for a likeable, G-rated "survival horror" experience. The gameplay starts out easily enough, but as the days stack up, decisions become more difficult to make, while the stakes get higher and higher. Should I venture out further today, and reveal more blackened-out portions of my map? Or should I stick close my camp, collecting vital resources, and ensuring my survival for another day (after all, that's the objective)?

It's all about choices in "Don't Starve". It's all about planning ahead, and well-executing that plan. It's about research and learning. It's about creative problem-solving and exploration. And the best part is, the experience is bound to be unique, according to the individual's choices.

From the first fire to the first firefly, from the first Pigman to the first Beefalo, each new discovery is a rare delight. Overall, "Don't Starve" is a lovely surprise, and a pleasant challenge, based on a simple objective: Survive the night, to live another day...

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