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The Darkest Hour

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The Darkest Hour

A fictional Don't Starve Together Story

I had been playing on this Endless PvE server for a while now. It was early spring and me and my teammates. Willow and Wolfgang wanted to head into the caves (I was playing Wilson). Our base was already quite developed, and not many people on the server had gone into the caves yet. We had a spare deerclops eyeball and Wolfgang wanted to kill the Ancient Guardian and make a Houndius Shootius as a trophy. So the three of us prepared, packing tons of things into our inventory, we already knew most of the science recipes and had a pretty good amount of gear. We also stockpiled on food, mostly honey ham and jerky for maximum health restoration, since we figured we might not be back our until early summer. We had plans to make a base down there too, so we pre-build the essentials. So we went down the sinkhole to find glory, loot, and trouble, lots of trouble.

Once we were down the sinkhole, we explored for a while until we found some rock lobsters. We left them alone since we thought they would just slow us down, well, Wolfgang and I left them alone, Willow thought it was a brilliant idea to attack them. And so we were chased by 7 or 8 rock lobsters. Willow later claimed it was a misclick, but that didn't matter because we got chased into a row a tier 3 spider nests. Willow, who saw lots of enemies, instinctively switch to her log suit and dropped her backpack. We ran forward a little bit, and Willow, who realized what she done tried to go back and grab her backpack, but there were too many foes and she just had to run. Once we lots our many foes, I immediately realized Willow had lost valuable food, and this was a bit of a setback. But, we continued anyway, and we discovered some rabbit hutches, and they immediately attacked us. There were six of them, but they were no match for out weaponry. We had a dinner of cooked meat. By this point Wolfgang had lost most of his sanity, but he didn't want to eat our valuable jerky supply. I told he should have some, but he decided to just make a straw roll instead. After Wolfgang woke up, we continued.

We located some mysterious blue flowers, fortunately I knew these were depth worms. The depth worms put up a fight though, and by the end of it everyone was missing a noticeable portion of health. Then we found some runic turf. We marvelled that we were already close to our goal, then we found some ancient statues. Willow said we should mind it, and we did, it dropped a blue gem, we were already obtaining loot. Then Wolfgang was hit by something. It was a nightmare creature, all of a sudden they were everywhere, the nightmare cycle had begun. We found valiantly against the shadows, but they quickly overwhelmed us, Willow and I left Wolfgang behind and ran. Eventually the nightmare phase ended, but Wolfgang died, he cursed us for leaving him behind and left the server. We had some bigger problems, we had little food since now we only had my backpack, I shared some jerky with Willow to restore out sanity that we had lost. We had no jerky now, and I hoped neither of us would go insane.

We went forth in hopes of finding the guardian, although we couldn't fight him in the condition we were in. We did find some broken clockworks though, and we hammered them to get valuable thelecite. We set up a camp for the night, but our hopes of a permanent base were long since ruined. We constructed a tent and Willow slept in it while I used a straw roll. It wasn't really helping our food situation but we need to stay sane. Once we woke up we discovered a nearby base, or the remains of one. It was a rather large base, it had two tents, sone empty improved farms, and a crock pot. But the highlight was in the middle was a fully repaired Ancient Pseudo Science Station. There were also two skeletons beside it, one who died from a crawling horror and the other died from darkness. Seeing this ruining base was pretty demoralizing, but it got better once I crafted a thulecite crown at the station. Willow was jealous she didn't get anything, but I wasn't keen on rewarding her for our food situation (we also had no more thulecite).

We soon found the labyrinth biome, and began exploring it. After a long time and a lot of dead ends, we found the ancient guardian. Though neither of us really thought that we should go attack him in our current state, if we didn't get some food soon we would both starve. We walked into the labyrinth and attack the guardian. Things as usual went horribly wrong, once we aggro'ed him Willow had gone insane and started fighting a crawling horror. I was trying to fight the guardian but without Willow to help is was going poorly. I ran over to Willow and killed the crawling horror for her, then the guardian charged and rammed both of us. Willow's log suit broke, and she ran behind one of the labyrinth pillars. She built a campfire beside one of the pillars, but then she was attacked by a terrorbeak. I was busy fighting the ancient guardian, but it hit me with is melee attack, busting of own log suit. Only my thulecite crown kept me alive. Battered, I decided to retreat to Willow's pillar-campfire reprieve, where she was still fighting a terrorbeak. I rushed beside the fire and helped her fight the terrorbeak. When the guardian charged, he got stuck between the pillar and campfire, just as Willow had planned. But, as I took a swing at the terrorbeak, it dissipated and reformed behind Willow, just far enough from me to land the killing blow to Willow. The terrorbeak disappeared having killed it's target. I finished off the guardian, but I didn't have enough health to make a heart to revive Willow. I grabbed the horn and cooked the meat that had been dropped. Willow and I started back on our way to the cave entrance. With a ghostly Willow accompanying me to the outside world, where an early summer landscape greeted us, I knew I had survived the darkest hour.

Stories coming soon;


The construction of Paradise

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