Silly Monkey Ball bug

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I'm not sure if this is a bug or intended but the monkey ball has some quirks and a great use beyond its normal function. If you equip or carry the ball in your regular inventory, the prime apes follow you around more less like normal, periodically doing the playful clawing animation at your feet and still running around grabbing most resources on the ground. However, if you store the ball in your backpack, they will follow you and if you stand still for a few seconds the apes will kind of freeze in place. Same goes for placing the ball in Packem, the apes will all swarm around and after their clawing animation will usually freeze in place. Same with placing the ball in a chest or dropping the containing pack on the ground. The apes will swarm the chest and then be frozen until you drop the ball on the ground or go far off the screen.


So exploiting this means you can easily control the apes, making them no longer a serious threat. I set my base on an island with 4 prime ape huts. Now I just go about my business while the apes swarm packem and freeze. I don't worry about the odd thing they pick up because I know I will get it back eventually. When I'm done collecting resources, I simply lead them back to my "prime ape slaughter corridor" using the monkey ball. I just drop it on the ground away from the frozen apes then pick it up when they get close and repeat until I've lured them all close to my trap. Payback time!


The trap is just a single tile wide corridor made of stone or other walls, at least 5 units long, blocked at one end. Place the monkey ball on the ground at the closed end and run out. All the apes on screen will run to the ball and thats when you block the entrance and walk into the apes swinging like a mad man. They won't have enough room to throw their poop but they will try to run away. If you have more than 7-8 apes at a time they can push you out of the corridor before you can kill them all so be careful. Usually 4-6 at a time is a good number. Then collect all the morsels, bananas and manure plus anything else they might have grabbed while you were collecting resources. Anyway I'm sure people have figured out similar techniques but this ball behavior sure makes apes less threatening and I've controlled and killed hundreds of apes while never taking any hits to my sanity and my silly monkey ball remains at 100%. I have yet to use it as it was intended, to be thrown as a distraction I guess. Now instead of avoiding prime apes I have made them a required feature of any potential base island since they are a great hound distractor and you won't mind them picking up resources as much if they are easy to reclaim.

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