[Client Crash] - Suddenly 'Missing Executable'


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Suddenly 'Missing Executable'

Issue Description: I have played DST on my Windows 7 notebook for more than 150 hours, but it suddenly haven't been able to start since yesterday. When I click play, it immediately says: 'Missing Executable'. I have tried deleting the appcache folder, restarting, re-installing, turning off Avast, flushing the app files, but nothing helps. Verification of DST files says, that there is one file corrupted and that it will be re-downloaded, but nothing ever happends. The game still works on my other computer, which has Windows 8. I've been trying to find help everywhere for a few hours now, please help.

Steps to Reproduce: Click play, i guess :/

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Never mind! Uninstalled the game, exited Steam, deleted the appcache folder, restarted computer, installed the game back and it works again! Before I was trying these steps one by one, now I did them all at once :D

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