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[General] - Achievements continue locked

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Achievements continue locked

Issue Description: I beat the 'Contingency Plan extended Campaign' on Expert Plus difficulty, got in consequence the achievement «"surprised" Face», but some achievements for inferior difficulty levels (Powerful Toast and Technical Macguffin) (that should also have been unlocked by beating a harder 'Campaign' difficulty of the DLC) continue locked.

Log and game save are attached.

Steps to Reproduce: Get all achievements of the game (Meta-Hacking was not the last one) except the ones for the 'Contingency Plan' DLC — namely: Powerful Toast, Technical MacGuffin, Surprised Face and Empire Builder.

Beat the 'Contingency Plan extended Campaign' on Expert Plus difficulty without playing the inferior difficulty Campaign modes of the DLC.

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