Annoying things that need change!

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These are my opinions feel free to talk about them and Agree/Disagree


*Hail Destroys stonewalls (Fix: It shouldn't damage it at all but Hail should hurt the player on impact only)


*Floaty Boatys Should NOT spawn next to your base and the bombs hits stuff and makes fires

                                (Fix: They cannot spawn in Shallow water and Spawn less (After 1 season atleast))

              Also they should move and be more fun to fight - Reduce gear drops to 2 Each


*Sharks should not stun you in your boat atleast allow people to escape if hit (Fix: New Sail/Motor that allows faster accelerating even while been hit)


*Strong wind blowing down Pig Huts (Fix: New Craft item that prevents it been blown down)


*Puddles spawning in an area where a Sandbag cannot be placed (Ive had one spawn on a Kissure)


I know they is other stuff that needs a change but these are not stoppable so i would like to see it change

Also we need a Update ;)

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Agreed.  Being able to construct some sort of protection for the pig huts would be great, especially since the ramshackle palm leaf shade thing stays in one piece and the pig huts are loads more durable. Stone walls shouldn't be affected at all IMO.


And it would be great if sand bags worked a bit more like sandbags in real life rather than sponges.


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