I can't connect to my dedicated server, and a few other errors.

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So I set up the server and all, port forwarded udp and tcp to the port 10999, and I see my server when I search for it. The ping says; "???" And when I try to connect it tells me to "Shout louder."


What can I do to fix this?


Here's a couple things that stood out to me in the console as a coding noob;


 [Warning] Could not confirm port 10999 is open in the firewall.
 Shard server mode disabled: missing shard_enable setting.
 [sHARD] Shard server mode disabled by configuration file
 Online Server Started on port: 10999
Now I know I port forwarded correctly and set the port to 10999...
Also another error;
Socket error: connect, 0
I know other players can join because I saw one join on the console;
[00:04:53]: Received request to spawn as (wilson_none) wilson from redryder
[00:04:53]: Received clothing request () () () ()
[00:04:53]: Validated skin: wilson (wilson_none) () () () ()
[00:04:54]: [Fixed] SPAWNING PLAYER AT: (70.00, 0.00, 6.00)
[00:04:54]: Serializing user: session/088000A22487A6E5/KU_D40FxJdJ_/0000000003
[00:04:57]: Received request to spawn as (wickerbottom_none) wickerbottom from
I could be wrong on that though. Could someone help me set this up the right way? I'm new to this, so please explain this to me like I'm five years old. I tried reading the wiki, but I didn't understand it.
Thanks in advance. I attached what my port forwarding looks like.



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Sorry for not bumping my own thread, but I really want to set up this server, could someone help? Thanks in advance!


You can connect to your own dedicated server by using the LAN tab if you're connecting from the same PC you're running the server from.

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