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[General] - Can't pick up 'Omni Security Chip' in final mission

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AMM1975    0

Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Can't pick up 'Omni Security Chip' in final mission

Issue Description: Monster generates the Omni Security Chip, but can't pick it up. This means he can't open the door to the final room and trigger the end game cinematic.

I used Monster throughout the whole game. I thought perhaps that he didn't have room for the augment, because he already had two, but no, he seems to have a spare port for it.

BUILD[trunk.159703] LUA[159711] USER[30733905@steam]

OS: Windows (32Bit).6.2.23F0

GAME [0.17.15].

Steps to Reproduce: Play the game with only Central and Monster as your agents? That's what I did. Otherwise, beats me.

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