[Client Crash] - Crashing on startup


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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: Crashing on startup

Issue Description: I've been having this issue for a few days, now. Every time I boot up the game, the window appears, stays black for a few seconds, then closes. I have already reinstalled vcredistx86 and DXSETUP, as per the recommended actions. I have also unsubscribed to all mods, verified game filed through steam, reinstalled the game, and the issue hasn't changed.

The only thing I've changed is that I upgraded to Windows 10 last week.

Steps to Reproduce: Boot up the game, hope it happens? There's not much to go on with this one.

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Update: It booted up after many a reinstallation, then quit working again for about 24 hours.


I've been tinkering around with it for about an hour now, and it's done the same thing. It's successfully started to the main menu after another installation. I'm hesitant to close it and check to see if the problem has fixed itself this time; I'd like to play with some friends first :p

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I have a similar issue. Upon having the game, I decided to put it in full screen. This proceeded to crash the game. Every time I open the game, it shows up in my task bar, but it wont open onto my monitor. I tried clicking it, restarting my computer, and uninstalling and reinstalling the game. The music also plays, so clearly it would work, it just wont show up on the monitor. I believe if I can find a way out of full screen, then the game will work, but the question is, how can I do so? I cant access the game settings since it wont show up on the monitor, so this is a huge issue for me, and if I cant get support on this issue, I will be expecting my refund from steam for technical issues, and I will probably re-buy the game, and pray it isn't in full screen.

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