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Detecting Global Positions' globalposition_classified within AddPlayerPostInit

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I'm working on a patch for Moderator Commands mod that would display moderators on the player status screen (by showing a badge, similar to admin's badge).

For each player I am setting up net_string based on that player's userid.

I discovered that AddPlayerPostInit gets executed also for Global Positions' globalposition_classified, as it has Player tag. In other mods I've seen it is usually distinguished by checking for existence of a specific component.

As globalposition_classified has userid field, which is net_string, I settled for checking its type. Is this the correct approach?



function updateRank(inst)    local rank = get_rank(inst.userid or "")    local rankUI = get_pretty_name(rank)    inst.net_rank:set(rank)    inst.net_rankUI:set(rankUI)endAddPlayerPostInit(function(inst)    -- check for Global Positions' globalposition_classified    if type(inst.userid) == "string" then        GLOBAL.assert(inst.net_rank == nil and inst.net_rankUI == nil, "Rank already found in " .. tostring(inst) .. ", caused most probably by incompatibility between mods.")        inst.net_rank = GLOBAL.net_string(inst.GUID, "rank")        inst.net_rankUI = GLOBAL.net_string(inst.GUID, "rankUI")        if GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then            -- userid is not filled yet, set rank to user in the interim            local rank = "user"            local rankUI = get_pretty_name(rank)            inst.net_rank:set(rank)            inst.net_rankUI:set(rankUI)            inst:DoTaskInTime(0.1, updateRank)        end    endend)
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