Seasons' Beatings

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So...  I was thinking of posting a reply to another post...  But, it sort of ballooned into its own list of suggestions about the seasons, so, I thought I'd go ahead and start another one...  So I wouldn't devour somebody else's thread.  It began with the thread about volcano season being nerfed...  And a reply toward the bottom at the time saying the only issue was how often originally the eruptions occurred.  I was in agreement.


The only issue with summer was how often, the eruptions were.  I survived my first summer without a scratch, but I'll tell you, I was sweating during that last rapid fire volley of strikes.  You SHOULD sweat.  That's the point of the frickin' game.  The very people acting like everything should change to easy mode, are the very people who'll be complaining it's boring in a month...  I would suggest to keep death on direct strike, decent damage AOE.  Make the volleys happen maybe, 3-4 times during the season ( Or less maybe.  I can't remember how long it was, I was busy running for my life.) so you have a chance to actually see your base without it being eradicated (or if there's another mechanic introduced to allow this...  Bring back the near endless rain of death from before.).  But definitely keep the challenge in.  This game only has so many conflict mechanics, it needs a few (And a few more even), that actually keep you on your toes, just...  Not so often you spend a full season on verge of a heart attack.

And just because I already have a post running, so if this gets seen, and is at least related to seasons...  Hail should fall a tad more frequently, though, not too much more, it's almost perfect.  Damage is good, sliding death hail is I'm sure a bug, but if not, a tad silly.  It's a falling (compared to their heads) grapefruit sized pieces of ice.  Having them stick to the ground if needed still comes off plenty realistic, they'd plant into the soft, rain soaked ground.  And you of course could always pump up how much hail's needed for edible ice to counter the slightly easier to gather amount;  making less ice, for more inventory space.  It's also logical anyways, since it's an illogical magic world, where something's trying to kill you.  Them there ice chunks be more rock than ice.

Pig houses blowing away during hurricane I could handle, if it happened very, very rarely.  Right now I wonder how they ever built a house on the islands, they'd all be homeless in a year.  Monkey huts blowing away makes more sense, because screw the monkeys, we'd all laugh seeing it happen to the evil little buggers. Kidding, sort of. :p  Trees blown down into logs during a hurricane, and loose rocks /SHOULD/ fly and do damage.  Because...  It's a freakin' hurricane man...  Can't have /all/ the mechanics real, as that would make anything but hunkering down impossible, but, having to sacrifice mining or chopping trees in the middle of one is fair and'll make people think more about how they work through the season.

And of course...  Pretty happy sunshiney season...  I'm sure you've probably got some kind of horror planned for it...  But if not, then when the game's integrated with RoG, it should have the sickest, nastiest boss Don't Starve's ever seen.  Just because it may or may not show up, and you've got an entire season of few other problems to deal with but them.

But of course, these're absolutely nothing more than my opinions on what would help balance.  I could be wrong. I also understand if things're just toned down /currently/ so that things can be more easily tested until the world editor is in.  I still think however the baseline difficulty should come up once it has been however.  I see DS as Baseball.  Some folks seem to want to play Softball, and that's cool.  And once people get really good at the game, the option for Hardball, is always good to have as well.  But it's a horror survival game.  Gotta' have challenge for the horror.

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