should fishermerms and wilboars behave like that?

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Well, wilboars use the animation of the werepigs, should that be that way? because in very specifc situations they can atack using the wilboars animations and half a second later atack using the pigs animation, so they give an "double hit", this can get quite hard to fight against without an armor


and should fishermerms be so paranoid around you? because there is one near my camp and when i get close to him he began to run around saying "Glup Glup Florpt" "FLORP GLROP GLOP" and that kind of things, but even if i remain close to them they stop panicking, fish something, and them start panicking angain running around screaming "GLOP GLOP GLOP". sometimes they even make noises and say this quotes lines while fishing if I get close to them, is funny it's like they were trying to talk to me saying some pretty baddas things "Glrop glorp glrop, glop lup flup glrop wilson! shh!glup flup!"


oh and walani have no quote to cut reeds in her inventory


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that's really funny


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Isn't the wildboar animation just their charge attack? They upgraded it to actually be good now.


Aye, but sometimes they use the atack animation from werepigs (like they're scratching using claws) and then half a second later they punch you like the pigs do, and this actually does damage twice. I died once for this, cause you can't hit them pecause they begin to run in the middle of the punch animation, so you can't kite them. I think that shouldn't be like that

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