[ Bug Tracker ] Day 25 Game Stuttering and Bottle-necking

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Hello Everyone,


I very much enjoyed my first playthrough of DS:SW!! 


After Day 25, with the Wind constantly buffeting Wilson, and Sanity around 60, the game started to seriously stutter and bottleneck. 


My base was hit by non-stop lightning that set everything on fire, with the wind also blowing away all the items that popped out of the burned-up storage Chests.  Didn't see that one coming!  My sanity was rapidly dropping due to being completely wet, and I needed to sail to another island as I was running out of Flint.  I barely managed to craft and use a Straw Roll before my sanity completely drained, and upon waking, a Shadow Creature was still chasing me.  Strangely, upon striking at it with a Spear, it stopped attacking (I dunno if my Sanity was increasing during the day, wasn't wearing Garland or sanity-boosting gear). 


The worst stuttering came later, when three Hounds were chasing me.  I noticed when I got on a Raft and sailed away from the island where the Hounds were, the frame rate returned back to normal; but upon going back to the Hounds, the stuttering returned.  Perhaps the problem is due to a path-finding issue, since the addition of waterways blocks their movement?  However, stuttering happened also before this second wave of Hounds, when it was Windy and Sanity Low.


I hope this helps you debug!  Thanks for this very amusing game!



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