Suggestions and Concerns Regarding Wildboars as Minions.

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First, and perhaps most importantly to me is my slight frustration at how Wildboars charge completely offscreen when attacking an enemy to protect you and they just never come back unless you go find them and stop them from brainlessly charging "against" the shore. It happens a lot, unfortunately, and it's very inefficient to have to chase them down for half the day when I'm trying to use them to cut down wood more quickly and efficiently.


Also, I'd really love to see them be able to hack vines and bamboo for us as well just like they chop down trees and rocks. I mean, if they're wiling to smash down rocks and trees with their bare hooves for us, I don't see why they wouldn't snap some bamboo and slash some vines too.


A way of having your pig underlings be able to sail and go to battle on the sea with you would be really cool too. Maybe they've got their own boats/just swim, maybe you can craft some boats/rafts for them, or maybe you can make/find a larger ship they can hop on with you! Some sort of hireable friendly fellow for warring the seas could be really cool and helpful in my opinion. 


Lastly, I was quite surprised to see that wildboar houses can actually be knocked down by wind during the storm season. Is this really necessary/all that fair? It's very wasteful of materials  :wilson_livid:


Hmm... Maybe the real problem here is simply my obsession with virtual pig people... 


...Nah.  :happypigs:

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