Silly Monkey Ball Crash

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Win 32_Steam
Do you use mods?
No (Basic game with Shipwrecked)
Version Number:
Issue title:
Game Crash due to Silly Monkey Ball
Steps to reproduce:
Killed a bunch of snakes and finally made the Silly Monkey Ball. (Really, really, wanted to test it out.)
Equipped it.
Switched back to axe.
Describe your issue:
Item glitch? I just equipped the Silly Monkey Ball (accidentally) and when I re-equipped my axe the game crashed. Its working fine now. Im just curious is this is just a temporary glitch or if anyone else has had this issue.
(P.S. Im SUPER happy they fixed the cooking pot thing so it works with XBOX controllers now. I really hate playing with the mouse.)
Anyone else with this problem? Anyone have a solution for it?


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