[H] Data Hacker: Initiation & Chronicles: Runescape Legends [W] Steam Key (or Gift) for DST


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Hey there. My name is Michael, and I would like to play DST, as I have been playing the single player version for a while (The DRM-free version, not the one on my steam account, which I redeemed earlier this month) and I have friends who want to play with me. I currently cannot buy it (spent this month's allowance), so I am willing to trade for it.


For 1 Steam key (or Steam Gift, I dont mind)of DST I will give:


Data Hacker: Initiation (Steam Gift - check my inventory for proof)


Chronicles: Runescape Legends (Beta key which needs to be redeemed on their website after making a game account)



If interested add me on steam:



If not, then have a nice day, and please do not add me or spam me. Take care, and don't starve!

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