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Im asking for someone to please put out one or all of the following mods on the workshop. Thanks for your time and effort!


1) Brian Decker, replace his Daemon scanner with the infinitely cooler Tag Scanner, as shown in the sample mod. (I just dont want Byrant. Byrant is bad. He is a **** worshipping neo nazi with ties to the Chinese triad.)


2) Olivia Gladstone. The commander. The mastermind. The Central. And her unique augment is... a pwr bonus when attacking? A grandmaster of espionage such as herself simply doesnt  DO attacking! She outwits the guards, always two steps ahead, so that the grunts in the K@O uniform are off investigating a crying baby sound while she swipes theyre retirement fund. 

I was hoping someone could replace Olivia augment with the Subdermal PDA, used by Byrant in the sample mod. Her role as grand strategist is perfectly complimented by an augment that grants more intelligence, both on the tactical and strategic level.


PS: That said, I have nothing against the power aug. It would be great to see it in Nanofabs and Grafters. It would be the perfect holiday present for Muritova (sort of like the Anatomy Analysis for Shalem or the stealth knockout aug for Decker)


3) Prism. Usually its the On File agent who brings a new and cool twist to the game, while the Archive version is leftover ideas. Not Esther. Her Archive version is AWESOME - it allows for a completely pacifist play style - while her On File version is easily the worst agent in the game. The Augment is pathetic... a max of two Pwr per turn? Not to mention it has absolutely nothing to do with her billing as master of disguise. I don't know what Klei was thinking. I'm assuming Byrant was somehow involved.

Anyway...theres no worse feeling than bursting into a detention center and finding Prism waiting there. Im hoping someone can mod Prism so that her On File version (the one you rescue) has her holo disguise item. I know its an item, not an aug, but Dereck has his Beacon on him when you rescue him, so it should be possible...


Thanks a miliion!

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