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[Mod] Power Multiplier

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ChaoMing    1

Hey all,


After playing a lot of Dota 2 customs, I loved the idea of the question "how different would a game be if we just multiplied every value by, say... 10?" and I figured I could replicate what was done in the Dota 2 custom here and apply it to Invisible Inc.


I decided to mess around with some of the scripts. Some of the variables are strangely-named but I get the gist of some of it. Things like "ice-breaker" I still didn't quite understand.
Of course, I'm not going to multiply every single thing by 10, because waiting 40 turns to use adrenaline or being able to move 80 tiles per turn and stunning guards for 50 turns simply isn't fun. You have to moderate yourself at some point otherwise the game becomes too easy or too hard. The following is a baseline for some of the modifications I made or will make to the scripts:
item values (buy/sell price?) = 10xarmor = 14x + low numarmor piercing = 15xability/augment range = 5xpower-related = 4xap boost-related = 8xap-related = 5xdamage = 4xsight range = 3xsound range = minus 2firewalls = 15xammo = 9xcooldowns = minus 4(except paralyzers and other items, increase those)power cost = 10xexplode/throw range = 6x

Obviously this needs a lot of work, but for around 1-2 hours worth of messing with code I've never seen before, I think I have a good chunk of the game modified. Some of the things that are unmodified so far are things that deal with the hacking aspect of the game with the exception of firewalls, so I apologize for the 15-level FWs at the start of the game, I just couldn't find where to modify the attributes of your hacking tools before I lost interest. Consoles still give the typical power amount, your maximum power limit is 20 when I want it to be around 200, and Incognita's tools are unchanged. DLC-related content is completely unaffected.


Something I really wanted to implement into the design of this mod was a vastly increased number of guards in a level as well as a more expansive map to compensate for the increased AP.




I don't plan on being an official mod-maker, this is just something I wanted to do in my spare time, and I may or may not update this mod as the game changes over time, but I hope that this mod is picked up by the community and is well received, perhaps tweaked to perfection or further explored.



1) Go to your Invisible Inc. folder (typically found in your Steam folder: \Steam\steamapps\common\InvisibleInc


2) Make a backup of the original "" file.


3) Paste the modified "" file into the folder. It's that easy!



The files modified include, but are not limited to (mostly because I forgot):

Some "*defs" lua files such as "agentdefs.lua", "skilldefs.lua", "guarddefs.lua", "itemdefs.lua", etc.




I really do hope the modding community enjoys this mod. Good luck and have fun!

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