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I need someone to help with scripting PLZ

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I am trying to make a custom elf character mod but I don't understand a bit from the scripting in the .lua file.
Can someone help me write a script for these perks I want to add?

-Naturelover: Passive animals don't run away, planting trees adds 5 sanity.
-Pacifist: Sanity goes down whenever he kills a passive creature OR if he SEES a passive creature being killed.
-Small Stomach: Hunger goes down at twice the speed, but seeds, carrots and berry's add twice as much food.
-Ents are neutral towards him as he protects the forests.

If someone could write a working script for me and say how I must put it in the .lua file. I cannot thank you enough and I will definately put you in the description and make you co-developer :)
I hope someone can help me...


P.S: The .Lua is in the attack files


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